The EX effect

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Hello. Wow, it has been almost two years since I've last seen you. Oh you've gotten a new job and you've moved. That's all well and dandy. Well, right now I've been promoted on my job and my career has taken of nicely. Wow is this the new victim, I mean man in your life? He's a keeper. Well I'm glad that you've moved on. Oh you would like to hang out sometime? What's the catch? Is your new man not treating you the way I treated you. Is he not spicing things up and handling his business like I handled the business? I'm sorry, babe, but I have bigger and better things to do. See when you let me go, you lost your mojo. Babe, there's a reason why you are my ex. We are no longer dating. No, I wouldn't like to hang out with you. I'm happy for you I promise, but I've moved on. Like Chrisette Michele says "I'mma be Okay." I'm over you. I'm sorry that you're not over me and I'm sorry that you thought the grass was greener on the other side. I have love for you, but I've moved on. You'll be okay too. Just find yourself. I'm sorry, but you're my ex. You are not my cut buddy, my best friend, but my ex. Maybe I should warn old dude before you kill his soul as you did mine, not to mention you cheated with my alleged best friend. I forgive you. Hopefully you've learned from your mistakes. The -Ex Effect sucks doesn't it.