Excuse Me Miss

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Hello Beautiful. How are you? What’s your name? I’m sorry if I seem a little forward, but I couldn’t help notice your radiance from across the room. Your smile, your hair, your voice, and your persona grabbed my attention and you became my focus for the evening. I’m not trying to get your sex or hit it to quit it, but I want to know you better because you are beautiful and I’m attracted to you. It something about your beautiful brown skin that is drawing me to you like bees to honey, like ants to sugar, like a flower rises when the sun shines. When I look at you a see more than woman. I see a rose blooming in the spring. I see a beautiful sunset on the horizon. I see beautiful rainbows and I smell sweet country after a summer rain. I see a diamond. I see pure beauty. Your seductive brown frame hypnotizes me. As I watch you walk in those heals, those jeans with the golden sparkles, I see an independent, strong, stylish black woman. You are a million dollar baby. You’re worth more than money. You’re more than material. You’re more than sexy. You’re the epitome me of beauty. My mind begins to wander and I see you reigning and standing on your throne as you lead your people. A Queen you are a beautiful black queen. Excuse me miss, but I know I may sound tired, but you are finer than the wine. None can compare to your beauty. Excuse me, Miss, but I must commend you on taking care of business, yet indulge yourself in the pleasures of life. Excuse me, Miss, but can I hold your hand. Can I rub your feet after a hard day’s work? Can I make sweet love to you? Excuse me, Miss, but can I hold you in my arms for eternity. Excuse me, Miss.


  1. Very sensual and provocative writing, yet preserving taste throughout the piece. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for your support.

  3. great first post! you are about to turn the blog world upside down!


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