Lauryn Hill Births 6th Child

Congrats to Lauryn Hill on the birth of her sixth child, a baby boy.  According to Daily Mail, there was a little scare because "the baby was delivered with the umbilical cord around his neck."  The baby and mother are both fine.
   According to sources, for most of the year Hill had been hiding her pregnancy, but 2 months ago the pregnancy surfaced. Some suggest she hid the pregnancy because the paternity of the baby is unsure. As many of you know , she and Rohan Marley, had been in a long and intense, yet complex relationship.  He had been telling media outlets that he is not the baby's father.  However, he is the father of her five elder children.
   Rumors have been circulating according to sources that he had been dating the Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana. Fontana had recently posted a picture of her and Marley on Twitter with the caption 'I'm in love with @Romarley 's heart.'  

As rumors circulated about an affair, Marley set the record straight by saying he had tremendous love for the mother of his children, Hill and that he would never walk out on her and an unborn child. But, later after conversing with a reporter via twitter for the Houston Chronicle, Marley states "I'm not married and I don't have anyone expecting anything."

After the reporter saught to confirm if he was the child's father Marley tweeted that he had to be more careful with whom he conversed with.

However a friend tweeted Isabeli saying to ignore all the crazy buzz concerning her private life.

Who knows the end to this saga? Is Rohan the baby's father or not? Hmmmmm?


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