Remember Me -Diana Ross

Hey Whats up Guys. As I sit here and listen to music, I'm just in one of those writing moods. My mind has gone to relationships past and one song that I could say could be on the Soundtrack of my dating life and relationship history, it would be Diana Ross's "Remember Me." 
   I first came across this song when I heard a remix on Patrik Ian Polk's "Noah's Mixtape Vol. 1" from the hit Logo series "Noah's Arc" starring Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood.  Believe me I grooved my ass off to that song and that mix. However, I ended up youtubing the original version. 
   This song is relevant to me because I've sent off my exes with the though that "I'm a good thing. You'll realize what you had now that I'm gone." That has been my attitude.  Just like my last boyfriend, I left him because he really couldn't accept me for who I am.  I guess it's a good thing that I dropped him.  I realize that I'm not a side piece, but I'm the main course and I will be treated as such. I'm worth more than a quick nut or a quickie anything.  Well again, Just remember me as that one guy in your life that treated you like a king.  Well I guess that's it on this topic.  Love ya,