The Wiz - No Bad News - the Late Mabel King

Many of you know that I am a Broadway and musical junky. My life is musical. Quite Frankly, the soundtrack of my life would include all the Clark Sisters' Hits as a group and solo projects, as well as the "Rent" Soundtrack, "Sound of Music," "The Wizard of Oz," and it's remake "The Wiz."
   "The Wiz" is a Black version of the MGM version and Frank Baum book "The Wizard of Oz." However "The Wiz," stays true to the story book as Dorothy had silver, glass slippers, not Ruby Slippers.  In the original stage play Stephanie Mills, award winning singer and songstress of "Something in the Way You Make Me Feel," played as Dorothy along with Ted Ross as the Lion. Willia Brown wrote this adaptation and Charlie Smalls was responsible for the music.  In 1974 Diana Ross, the Late Nipsey Russell, and the late Michael Jackson, and Ted Ross, starred in a motion picture production with Quincy Jones on the music. The Late Richard Pryor also starred in the motion picture as The Wiz. Not only that The late Luther Vandross, wrote a few songs including "Brand New Day" for the film.  The Late Lena Horne was also Glinda the Good Witch in the movie version.  In the movie version we have the What's Happening Mom, Mabel King, as Evilene. Homegirl acts her booty off. She scared me but Ms Mabel worked it.
   I've actually seen this stage play with Grace Jones as the wicked witch "Evilene," Tony Terry as the "Tin Man," and CeCe Peniston as "Glinda." I thoroughly enjoyed it. The singing was so righteous even down to Grace Jones' seductive version of "No Bad News." Get into the Late Mabel King as she sings "No Bad News," as Evilene  in "The Wiz."


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