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Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy for Model Look Alike

Reality Star, Kim Kardashian is not feeling the "Super C-U-T-E" ad featuring her model look alike, Melissa Molinaro.  Kim is filing a lawsuit against Old Navy for intentionally using a look alike in their ads to get the public to think she was endorsing the brand.   However the ad does play off Kardashian's fame with the model singing “This is real life/ I’m not posing for a magazine,” before being followed by the paparazzi while doing day-to-day tasks such as hair appointments, walking the dog, ie the mundane things that Kim does on her reality.
   Old Navy even acknowledged that Melissa Molinaro looked like Kim Kardashian, and according the BET tweeted the following :"Breaking News!! @CBSNEWS reports that Old Navy's Super CUTE star looks like @kimkardashian. #LOL. What do you think?"

She believes that the campaign has generated $15 to $20 million dollars and she wants that money back. According to TMZ she is furious that the company tweeted about the loo…



Black Racists The Lhuiller Show

What can I say about C. James Lhuillier? He is tenacious, innovative, controversial and HARDCORE!!! I love his youtube channel. He keeps it real. In a recent video he deals with Black Racists. Get into it below.

Nelson Mandela International Day

Happy Birthday to Anti-Apartheid Icon, Nelson Mandela. Many of you know that he was hospitalized in January to do a respiratory illness, but praises be to God that today he is celebrating 93 years of life.  Let us celebrate an icon to Generations, Mr. Nelson Mandela!!!