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@MalibuDollFace F*CK Love? Why You Mad? REALITY CHECK!

WOW Guys get into MalibuDollFace.  He tells it like it is and does not sugarcoat anything. Get into his video about Love, Sex, Cheating, and the Reality of the Game.

Delois Barrett Campbell and the Barrett Sisters "Jesus Loves Me"

Delois Barrett Campbell, the oldest of the trio, The Barrett Sisters went home to be with the Lord on August 2nd 2011 at the age of 2011. She was one of Gospel's greatest soprano's hailing from Chicago.  Here's a recent clip of her and the Barrett Sisters singing "Jesus Loves Me"  They sure don't sing Gospel like this anymore. We'll see you in Heaven Mother Campbell

Steve Urkel Returns in Cee Lo's "Cry Baby"

Jaleel White brought us joy and laughter as well as morals with his character Steve Urkel in the hit ABC show "Family Matters."  Many of you remember when he created his alter ego "Stefan Urquelle." Well he's back in Cee Lo Green's "Cry Baby," video.

The Cee Lo video "Cry Baby," features Jaleel playing as Cee-Lo's alter ego.  It features 50's style fashion for both men and women.  Jaleel is grown up now and breaking hearts as he dances down the street as you stand by and cry "just like all the other ones."  Jaleel is rocking plaid pants and a sweater like nobody's business. I must say the brother has come along way from annoying nerd and goofball. He's sexied quite a bit.  Get into Cee Lo's "Cry Baby" below.

Dorinda Clark Cole - I Survived Available AUGUST 30th , 2011

Be on the Look out for the jazzy, anointed, prophetic, and Rose her self, Dorinda Clark Cole. On August 30th, 2011 her long awaited album "I Survived," will be released on Light Records.  This the artists first studio album since 2008's Take it Back. The hit single "Back To You" was released a few months ago.  However, you will be having church as you listen to tracks such as the church praise break, He Brought Me, the snazzy and bumping "Back to You,"  and duet with sister Twinkie "Thank You."  
This album comes on the heals of a devastating house fire, family health scares, the loss of a relative, Dorinda declares that she is determined to keep further the Gospel and keep striving in Jesus' Name. This is her Declaration.Get into videos from her photo shoot and the hit "Back to You," below. "I Survived" is available on Amazon for pre order now. PRE ORDER NOW!!!!

Remember Me -Diana Ross

Hey Whats up Guys. As I sit here and listen to music, I'm just in one of those writing moods. My mind has gone to relationships past and one song that I could say could be on the Soundtrack of my dating life and relationship history, it would be Diana Ross's "Remember Me." 
   I first came across this song when I heard a remix on Patrik Ian Polk's "Noah's Mixtape Vol. 1" from the hit Logo series "Noah's Arc" starring Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood.  Believe me I grooved my ass off to that song and that mix. However, I ended up youtubing the original version. 
   This song is relevant to me because I've sent off my exes with the though that "I'm a good thing. You'll realize what you had now that I'm gone." That has been my attitude.  Just like my last boyfriend, I left him because he really couldn't accept me for who I am.  I guess it's a good thing that I dropped him.  I realize that I'm not a s…