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Medino Green is the second oldest of four; two step-sisters and one brother. They weren’t rich, but they weren't poor either. Sharing a two-bedroom apartment with six people wasn’t easy. He remembers lunch being a large pot of Ramen Noodles and bologna sandwich for everybody or they’d go out to eat and have to share fries and a soda.  The saying “Sip, sip pass" really had a meaning for him!

As a youth, Medino always had a thing for music.  At the age of 13 Medino started getting into rap music, rearranging lyrics and making things up. In junior high school he made it known that he was into rapping and started reciting his rhymes to his friends. As a freshman in high school, Medino really started to "go hard" with his rapping. Rapping got him lots of attention from the bigger boys and the bad ass dudes who respected his spit-game. They took to him and he was on the in-crowd. Medino began cutting classes and hanging out and after school engaging in rap battles.

Green would make a name for himself; meeting many people along the way. Battle-rapping and killing dudes in the cipher won him school and street-cred. Eventually, Medino Green would join a rap group named “Tha Crown,” which included I.P. , Ming, and Jae. At the time, Medino Green went by the name of  J-Teflon.  The group was short-lived due to beef and infighting.

By the tenth grade Medino hooked up with some kids out from Brooklyn called, "Fresh Cuts"—Kat, Sam, and himself. But again, problems quickly arose and this group disbanded.

By Medino’s junior year his grades were suffering because of his rock star rap persona—an A+ social status and a failing high school career. Living that young celebrity rapper life had taken a toll on his education. Other than Language Arts—a class he excelled in because it gave him a chance to exhibit his gifted writing acumen, Medino showed very little interest in school.

With his parents concerned about his education, Medino refocused and buckled down and brought his grades up, but still not graduating on time.

With music still driving his life, Medino joined yet another rap group—A.S.A.P. (Always Serious About Paper), which featured Krysys, SkateBoard Mane and the newly reinvented J-Teflon whose rap moniker was now Medino Green. The name came from him listening to a Notorious BIG song, "Sky Is The Limit" where he said, "Nickname Medina." He changed the last letter to from an "A" to an "O"and Medino was birthed. “Green,” because it’s his favorite color—the completeness of his persona.

A.S.A.P.’s first mixtape was "Childs Play Vol.1," released in July 2008.

Medino Green had a skeleton in his closet—a secret that he had been wrestling with throughout high school—his sexuality. Understanding that rappers aren’t openly gay and that he wants to pursue a rap career, being outwardly gay is a major stumbling block to his success in a world filled with homophobia. Who would take a gay rap artist serious? Who would sign an openly gay rapper?

Meeting a gay producer named Swanny River, who had worked with many rap artists from the 90’s and was friends with hip-hop legend Kool G. Rap, Medino began to ingratiate himself in this new world where sexuality—where being around other gay rap artists, producers was a non-issue. This helped Medino come to terms with being a gay rapper in a hetero-dominated genre. Medino found strength in numbers. Medino Green was a rapper—who just happens to be gay.

Medino Green’s rap career began to gain some solid footing. Teaming up with DJ Swanny River and DJ Baker of “Da Doo-Dirty Show,” considered by many as the “Godfathers” of the “out”/gay hip-hop scene, Medino was picked to be part of a gay “super group” called “Out Mobb” with members Bry’Nt, Bone Intell, and Pegg Star. Joining Out Mobb was to be the culmination of years of hiding, wrestling and shunning who he really was—gay man! There was no turning back now.

The public got its first taste of Medino Green on the group’s first outing, “Step Your Pen Game Up” where the world came to understand that this young kid would be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Medino Green is a young spitter that could easily go toe-to-toe with your favorite rapper. His first mixtape, “The 4 Wall Project” is his introduction to the world that Medino Green is a rhyme-sayer, a lyricist and a rapper with enough material and to put out a tome of albums. 
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