Call me a Prude

  What is a Prude? A prude is someone who always wants to appear proper and modest.  For some reason curiosity hit me and I looked up the word and I found a definition that fits me.  I'm not necessarily concerned about if I appear proper or modest, but I do consider myself prim and proper. That's been me since I came out the womb.
  However, in the last few years, I've found out and discovered that it's okay to let your hair down sometimes.  I've learned that its okay to be improper or sometimes just be loud and have some fun. However, when it comes down to being a professional, that's who I am.
  When it comes down to business and music, I don't play games.  I guess that's why some people call me a prude.  I believe in handling things in the right way. Its funny though. Alot of people call me white. I guess because I use proper grammar. I guess you can just call me a prude.