@CherylPepsii Riley - Let Me Be Me

  Cheryl Pepsii Riley has been on of my favorite singers since I was a kid. I can hear her singing "Thanks for My Child" and me smiling because I was a kid. SMILE!!!! Recently I've been listening to her album "Let Me Be Me" and I can truly say that one of my favorite tracks is "Let Me Be Me," which is the title track.
  It describes how after a show someone asks her what did she want most in the world and it was simply "just to be me."  Right now that is how I feel.  Ever since I came into being for real in 2010, a lot of people have been trying to make me fit into what their perception of Bradley should be. I continue to be me despite the remarks, slick at the mouth comments, and open shade thrown.  It doesn't bother me.
  The lyrics simply say:

With my music and movies 
Good food and some real sleep 
Best friends and my family 
Yeah, that gives me peace 

My Chuck Taylor hightops 
My laugh and my Bible 
If you wanna see happy 
Just let me be me

This song is one of those songs that have become my anthem in 2012.  I already told you via Dorinda Clark Cole that this is it for me.  Well in 2012 Just let me be me. If not, then I'm still going to be me. Even since I've gone into ministry, I've disassociated from people who had issues with who I am and who I'm becoming. Sad to say some fellow believers. However, I thank God for using Ms. Cheryl Pepsii Riley for allowing God to give the message "Let Me Be Me." Get into it below.