It Doesn't Surprise Me

  Nothing surprises me anymore. It really doesn't. Here lately, things that should've caught me off guard didn't. For some odd reason I was totally prepared.  Just like a recent break up. I was prepared, but I still was kind of disappointed. However, that's life.
  I've decided to sit back and observe people.  I haven't really had much to say.  My reason being is that sometimes silence really reveals the truth.  So in my sitting back and being quiet, I have seen some true characters be revealed.  The sad thing is that I've seen it with family and friends.
   I've learned that whenever you want to piss someone off, say "no."  As I've said before, your "no" will reveal a whole lot.  I hate lazy people, so I've learned that when people hear a "no" for something they are quite capable of it pisses them off. Doesn't surprise me none
  I've been watching and listening.  I stopped saying anything when individual start talking out their butt crack trying to ask for a favor, but too lazy to help themselves.  It really doesn't surprise me anymore.


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