Judgmental and Nosy Christians

  There's nothing I hate more than fake people. I also can't stand nosy, judgmental people.  This all comes from an incident during this weekend.
  I had went out for a day with the guys and I ran into some familiar faces that happened to be a fellow Christian.  The familiar faces we'll just call Rev. Wife and Deac. Husband.  As I walked into the restaurant, I saw the two. I spoke and was very cordial, however, I was hoping that Rev. Wife wouldn't come to the table.  Well  lo and behold, Rev. Wife did. However Deac. Husband just spoke.  I was with two friends who are older men.  They serve as mentors and a good time friends for me.  Nothing less and nothing more.
  Rev. Wife approached my table and began to preach in the conversation and we talked about Christianity, however she was talking and making references to us three guys sitting at the table having lunch.  It was as if she was trying to "discern" our connection, which I knew she had no idea.  I didn't bother to introduce them because Rev. Wife knows my family as well as she knows a lot about me.  I don't have time for a butt load of questions. However after the food came, she left and we planned some ministry things.
  I was bothered because here demeanor was that of a nosy Christian. She was also "preaching"  under what she saw.  If you want to know something just ask or just say hey and carry on a general conversation.  I hate when people prophesy out of what they see physically instead of from the spirit real. That truly pisses me off.  I guess that's why I'm kind of scarred with certain types of prophets.  I come from a church in which If a guy wore something that wasn't church like he was often judged and was often called "gay"  or "sinful" in front of people and embarrassed.  For a while after that I left church.
  I can't stand church folks who ask questions and attempt to deliver a word from the Lord on high based off your answers.  My favorite thing is if you don't volunteer information, then you're looked at as a heathen.  If you are so prophetically inclined and such a good prophet, then why are you asking all these questions? USE YOUR DISCERNMENT!!!
  If you have the gift of the discernment, why ask dumb questions. If you are prophetically inclined, why ask? The Holy Spirit just gave you your answer.  That's why I hate fake Christians.


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