The L.A. Complex TONIGHT at 9PM CW

I live for The CW's latest series "The L.A. Complex." It is truly groundbreaking.  It stars Jewel Staite, Andra Fuller, Benjamin Charles Watson, and Chelan Simmons to name some of the cast.  The show is about young hopefuls trying to make it to stardom in the Music and film industries. Each relationship, trial, and decision is chronicled.
  What is interesting about this show is that it is on prime time and it shows a gay relationship with King (Andra Fuller) and Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson).  Kaldrick King is a down low rapper and Tariq is a producer and musician who writes beats and inspires King within the music spectrum however there is a sensual chemistry that will push you to the edge of your seat.  However it is troublesome that it deals with the stereotypical Down Low brother syndrome adding even more negative stigma to the stereotype.
  King is your stereotypical DL thug rapper.  He lies as if he's screwed a lot of women when in fact he's screwed tons of men.  He treats Tariq crazy sometimes, but at the end of the day it is all love. I am glad that this way of life is being portrayed more in the film and media however, I would like for them to write something that shows that a guy can be masculine and gay.  We haven't had such a ground breaking series in my opinion for the Black gays since "Noah's Arc."  This is just my opinion.  I wonder what the fundamentalist Christians are gonna say about this show now.


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