North Carolina Passes Amendment 1

Welcome to the Bible Belt of the South.  Apparently as of Today North Carolina has passed the notorious Amendment 1. It was promoted as a ban on Same Sex marriage however here are some more things on how it screws traditional marriages, healthcare, as well as domestic violence protections. The ACLU made a list of how sucky things are about to get:

  • Domestic violence laws protecting people in an unmarried partnerships might be weakened. (This claim has been debated by both sides, and it's still unclear exactly how the law would impact domestic violence victims. Opponents of Amendment 1 say many of North Carolina's domestic violence laws offer special protections to victims who have an established relationship with their abusers. So if the amendment narrows the law to legally recognize only marriages, it might weaken these protective laws for unmarried partners. Supporters of Amendment 1, such as Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger Jr.,contest this claim. Berger said nothing in the amendment changes any laws on assault, rape, murder, or other crimes.)
  • Unmarried parents could no longer have the same child custody and visitation rights as married parents.
  • Private agreements between unmarried couples might not longer have a legal basis. This means, for example, that if a couple who has cohabited and raised children together for years decides to separate, the wealthier partner would not be legally obligated to divide property with his or her partner.
  • The law could interfere with unmarried partners' end-of-life arrangements, such as wills, trusts, and medical powers of attorney.
  • Employers would no longer have to provide benefits, such as health insurance, to the partners of unmarried employees.
Apparently people were confused and did not understand that the Amendment did not only deal with a ban of Gay marriage but a list of other demands and laws concerning marriage.  This proves to show that some of these Southern People do not research and read into laws to be passed. However it is shameful, that a lot of African American churches voted to pass this law.  I bet some of these church members are screwed. The sad thing is that this was done out of hate and now people understand what it is AFTER the vote. So now it is apart of the state's constitution.  I won't be living in North Carolina any time soon.


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