Practice Makes Perfect

  As a singer and musician, one thing that I've learned is that "practice makes perfect."  I've learned that practice not only makes perfect, but it helps you to find out who you are.
  I was recently rehearsing a song that I absolutely love, but I had to change the key of it because the original artist is a female and I'm a bass, baritone guy.  I practiced the song several times and I also recorded each rehearsal picking apart the does and don'ts when singing this song. I must say it came in handy.
  With each rehearsal I had to catch myself so I wouldn't try to be like the original artist. I simply had to make the song my own.  Whenever one practices something or rehearses something, that is a chance for them to examine what they are doing correctly and what they are doing wrong.
  We can apply this scenario to life whenever we go through life, it's simply like a rehearsal.  We approach things in a way that it will either benefit us or help us achieve greatness in life.  However, sometimes we make mistakes.  Whenever we make a mistake or hit a wrong note, we must examine the effects and what we need to do to prevent and avoid mistakes.  It also gives us a chance to find out who we are and what works for us.  Just as a musician or singer figures out what does and what does not work for them, so it is with life. 
  Practice does make perfect. If you practice living a wholesome, humane, and yet lovely life, then that's what you get. But if you practice hatred, bitterness, and loathing, then that's also what you get. In other words you reap what you sow.  That's life. 
Practice what you preach and preach what you practice.