Ain't Got Much

  I ain't got much.  I don't have a Mercedes or a mansion.  Heck, I don't even have a 6 figure income, but I do have a life and great abilities.  I do have a job and an education.  For some that's enough, but for some that's not good enough.
  In the dating scene, I catch hell for being in the current socioeconomic bracket that I'm in.  I think that's why for some potential mates, I'm not a perfect fit.  While I love to have the finer things in life, I've learned to be thankful and content with what I have as I strive for bigger, better, and more.  I know that it is going to take some time, but I am working my butt off for what I desire.
  I often times ask myself since I'm single and working on some financial issues "What can I offer to a potential mate?"  I really do ask that. I look at my life and I have God, a degree, education, a job, a drive, patience, I can cook and clean and I'm very compassionate.
  Isn't that some of the things that people look for?  For me sometimes people look at my talent and look at me as a cash cow or someone that would be a good cover for them.  Some look for things that I can't give such as uber-masculinity, this stereotypical trait of being a man.  Some look for the physical aspect and some just look for a trophy.  I am by no means a trophy at all. I am a human being.
  I ain't got much, but me and what comes with me.  Will you accept it or reject it? The choice is yours.


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