Angel (Angela Winbush)


Angels are depicted as ethereal beings that are messengers, guardians, and protectors.  Angels were created by God to be messengers. They are pure and do not have the shortcomings of man.  Since God is so powerful and holds immortality, dwelling in light, no man in human form can approach him. (Read your Bibles in Exodus and other Chapters 1Timothy 6:16).
  Have you ever had that one person in your life that you deemed a divine being?  Are you someone's angel?  Well I've got many angels, but one angel in particular is my grandmother. Grandma is one special lady for me and I don't take her presence in my life for granted.
  My grandmother had a hand in raising me and is still raising me even though I am grown. I lived with her for some years due to the situation with my parents divorcing and all that good drama.  My grandmother kept me in church and made sure that I had an active role with in the Church.  She is the reason why I sing.
  I remember as a child her pulling out her vinyl records and listening to Gospel Music.  She would even help me learn new songs.  For that I am grateful.  Who would've thought lil ole me would be a musician.
 After I started playing the keys and tickling the ivories, my grandmother made sure no one took me for a joke or tried to play me.  She would always inquire and make sure I did my homework on potential gigs and shows.  Grandma is a trooper now.  
  Even when it comes down to my sexuality and somethings that some crazy relatives have tried to do in order to discredit my name, my grandmother is still in my corner.  I guess that's what Angela Winbush meant when she sang "You're My ANGEL!!!"
  My grandmother is my angel. I love her so much.  Who is your Angel?


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