Have you ever found yourself at home with absolutely nothing to do? You want to go out with friends, but you  don't really feel like company. Sometimes you want to get out, but part of you asks you to stay home. That's where I'm at right now.
  I'm in a place right now where I want to leave home, but I really feel the need to stay in and rest.  I love hanging out and I hate staying at home, but right now, I just feel like staying at home and working out and maybe doing some reading.  God knows I need to catch up on my reading.
 As a result of my boredom, I've managed to do some extra cleaning as well as catch up on some of my youtube subscriptions. I've also added some new music to my collection. However, I'm glad I'm staying at home.  I'm saving money by not going out to the movies, dancing, or just eating out.  Sometimes you have to change your routine and surroundings for a period of time.
I just wanted to write something.