Boys and Motorcycles

At one time I wanted a motorcycle. I still want one. It's amazing what we dream of as little lads.  I dreamed of having myself at an event on a motorcycle and getting so much attention that I'd be a sex symbol.
Heck I'm still a sex symbol.  I'm just sexy.  Its something to dream about something, but constantly here what type of people do what in an attempt to make you live their dream for you. 
I did that lonf enough.  As I explore the remainder of my 20s I am determined to reach for the stars. I am currently working on my music career.
  My life dream is to be a stellar recording artist.  I aim to reach it.
  I guess I already have my motorcycle. It's my talent and music.  It is going to take me far.  It actually has already taken me to great heights and it isn't done yet.  Well I have my motorcycle.
It is me.


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