Journey To Me

  Today I'm on a journey to me.  As a result of a conversation with my bestie Senor Paco,  I will be seeking my Master's in Teaching and furthering my education prayerfully by the beginning of next year.  I'm on something new.  I've been frustrated enough and I've been without for long enough.  It's time for me to get up and really push myself.
  I thank God for Senor Paco because he has really been a friend to me.  A lot of times we need people to push us in the right direction and to help us see our own potential.  When we don't have this, we often times let ourselves die away spiritually whenever we lose our motivation.  I am motivated to do what's best.
  I've also decided that I'm going to move to DC prayerfully by next year. Hopefully I won't change my mind.  I've been really praying about it.  If something tells me not to go I won't go. Right now, I can't go because of finances and other things.
  I dare not complain.  It's about time that I make this journey. I'm four years shy of thirty and its about dang time that I lived.  I refuse to be in this trap much longer.
Love ya,


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