I've sought my liberation.  My hour of salvation is now!  Last night a friend and I were having a conversation concerning my current plight and the situation with my living and some dysfunctional family problems.
  Too long have I let my family be the reason I'm holding myself back.  I've been so stepping on places lightly, but I refuse to do that.  Even if they don't like the steps I'm making, I've got to live my life and I've got to prosper.
  The sad thing is that they want so bad to reap from MY success. Sorry but it ain't happening.  Its my time not your time.  It kills me that people want to be lazy and squander off of your success. I can't allow that to happen. I've been down to long.  I desire better for myself. And to that one aunt that reads this blog and loves to keep mess started: THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE AND THANK YOU FOR THE PUBLICITY. I AM GROWN AND THANK YOU. LOVE YOU!!!!