Thoughts On a Sunday

  I've had a long day today.  I had to be amongst the religious people all day today.  However, I'm home and I'm sitting my fat butt on this computer typing to you all craving some sweet watermelon.  However, today has been a great day.  I've had to deal with sneers and some looks from religious folks simply because of some moves that I am making for me. It is funny that I catch the most hell from church folks. I ain't scared though, I thank my Luckey Star, that I'm still alive and loving.
  I'm glad that I'm finding myself.  I've been on a whole new vibe.  I'm making things happen in a way where it benefits me regardless of what people say or do.  Just today I made waves, but actually wearing something that shocked the crap out of everyone.  I really stopped caring what people think or do.  It's all about me right now.
  Even though right now I am single, I've stopped looking for a mate and decided to find myself.  I realize that a person doesn't complete me.  Granted, it will be nice to have a one and only by my side, however, right now, I'm focused on getting me together and enjoying my life.  I want that "Just Us" relationship.    Yeah, I mentioned that song by The Weather Girls. I saw a cover of it done by Avery Sunshine and Rhonda Thomas. All of these women are talented.
  Back to the story: I want something that is just me and that person.  I don't to be falling in love by myself. That is not what I want. I've been there done that. I want it to just be me and that person and not the whole block, family, or friends.  I just want it to be just us.  Well I guess that's enough of that. Don't forget I am still taking donations to help me get a car.  I'm on hard times and it would be really nice if someone would help. I love ya'll,


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