A New Thing

  There is a scripture that I love in the Bible. It is in Isaiah 43:19.  It teaches us in the preceding verse, 18, to forget about the past and to move on because God, in the 19th verse, is doing a new thing.
  I am thankful for this scripture because God is truly doing a new thing in me.  I can tell that He is positioning me and giving me a new outlook not only about myself, but about life.  Even with people that I am connected too.  I'm in a season in which, I'm transitioning, spiritually and mentally. I'm also transitioning emotionally.  I realize that the past was really a hold up and that in order for me to go further, I have to deal with things differently.
  Especially when it comes to my dear old family.  Recently, I've decided to really continue to press ignore and prove to them that I don't really need them.  I've steady been proving my independence.  With me recently buying another car and making decisions, I can truly see how pissed on relative in particular, but I realized it's a ploy to discourage me from doing me and exceeding their expectations.  That's why I've decided to meet my own expectations.
  God is truly doing a new thing and I will obtain that new thing which he has for me.