I'm Not A Celebrity Blogger

  When I started this blog Musique's Poetry, I intended on doing a lot with the fashion industry and with the current media.  However, upon me discovering my writing ability, I quickly found out that that isn't me at all.
  I am a more person writer and also I'm part of a group of people that religious bigots hate.  I am a singer, entertaining person, and did I mention I'm dysfunctional? Yes we all have some point of dysfunction, but I realize that I'm a blogger.  I'm not a celebrity blogger and I'm sure not a free lance writer.  I'm just a simple down home blogger who writes what I feel.
  I'm not really upset that I'm not a celebrity blogger.  I think that is a good thing that I am not a celebrity blogger.  I don't fit into any particular circle and I'm okay with that.  I'm not complaining about it.  I have my group of friends and associates and I'm cool with that.  I'm on a different tangent in life right now and I'm not really worried about what people really say.  
  I'm getting to the point to where I'm beginning to scoff and the fact that my family wants to mold me, even at the age of 26, into some drone of being.  Hell, I'm me and I love me.  Why not accept me? 
  Even if people don't accept me, I've stopped trying to work for them to accept me.  So Guess what I'm not a celebrity blogger and I'm freaking okay with that.


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