Learning to Be Grateful

 There is a song that I absolutely love by the late Bishop Walter Hawkins.  It simply says "Be Grateful."  Here lately, it seems as if I've been dealing with a lot.  It seems as if I've been in some sort of storm.  I am thankful, that I am surviving.  I refuse to give up and die.  Through it all, I've learned to just be grateful for things.  Things could be worse and things could be where I didn't have a place to stay, no food to eat, no job, and no clothes, but I am yet grateful.
  Thankfully, I am following what the Bible says, "In all things give thanks." Many of you know the things that I've been going through.  Right now, I'm finally dealing with some pain, that I thought I was over, but I thank God that I'm making it through.  It's all apart of healing. Well I'm out,


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