Overly Religious People

Religious People are Stupid to Me.  
I say this because only religious people will point out everyone else's flaws except their own.  I was reading over a blog dedicated to "exposing homosexuality" and "keeping God's people informed," and all I saw was a lot of judgmental filth.  It was through speculation that certain Gospel artists were gay and that some churches should be closed for having homosexuals in the church.  I read some of it and it seems as if a self hating gay himself wrote it.
  I will not publish the name of this blog simply because they have no reason being listed on THIS BLOG!!!!  
  I was at a point to where I almost stopped believing in God because of these overly religious people.  Not to mention that since my teens I was persecuted by the church because of my femininity and the fact that I did sag or act like the other boys, but that was just me.  I didn't know that God had a problem with anybody. Maybe the things people do that aren't very nice, but not how a person came out the womb.
  You may or may not disagree with me, but It's okay to be gay.  I've been gay since I can remember and I haven't been struck by lightning yet.  My question is did Jesus say anything about homosexuals? NO!!!! So Why Should You,
That is All,