Sunday Thoughts

  Today has been on long day for me.  As I sit at this dining room table, my mind races on a lot of things.  One of them being my niece who is dealing with sickness and another is me being a good parent.  
  I know I've written on this before, but there are times that I wonder will I make a good parent.  Look at me, a Black gay male who loves God and I'm currently single.  I may be getting to know someone, but at this point I am single.  I treat my nieces and nephews as if they are my own.  Its like whenever something goes haywire, I'm the uncle that steps up.
  Granted I do want to`have kids, but I really want to want till I've found that one and only so that they can have a stable environment.  I want to be the parent and daddy that I didn't have and an even better one.  I pray and hope that I have that one day.  
  I love kids and I value them greatly.  If I had a son or daughter or both, I'd treat them like royalty but still have that firm hand.  I'm going to get there one day. I hope its soon,


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