7 Days of Me: Day 4: Insecurities and Joe Biden

Well, today has been a quite a day.  It is almost the end of my work week and for that I am happy!!!  As I blog, I am watching the Vice-Presidential debates.  Right now Joe Biden is hitting it and putting up a fight. However, Paul Ryan, or is it Paula? Is putting up a fight as well.  Now back to me...
  Since, this week has come in, I have been praying concerning the areas of insecurity that I am dealing with.  For some reason, things that were done and said to me during my childhood have come to make me second guess myself and make me insecure.  Even the experience that I went through with a church that I used to be apart of and that I thankfully left.
  Whenever you're used to people telling you that you are wrong for dressing this way, liking this type of music, for dancing this way, or for just being you and always being reprimanded and lied to concerning what God says, then you'd have the issues that I do.
  One incident in particular that stays in my mind was one time, I was wearing some flip flops during the Summer.  One of my uncle's told me "Don't wear them, men don't flop around." He said it with such disdain that I didn't wear them around him.  However, later on I started wearing them only to hear constant bashing about how only Gay men wore flip flops. However I did bring that situation up last Friday when he tried to corner me about drinking some Sutter Home Moscato Wine.  For some reason, I let my family control how I viewed myself and allowed them to make me insecure.
  No more.  I refuse to let what them or anyone else say or anyone else's opinion and disapproval of me.  Now I'm in a period to where I'm living and learning so I can make my own mistakes and find my own way, no matter who fights me.  I refuse to let insecurities rule my life any more.


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