7 Days of Me: Day 6: Stepping Back

    Today has been one eventful day today.  Apparently some people think I'm fake, because they heard me tell someone the truth.  Anyway, in order to really see what the issue is and why certain individuals are behaving a certain way, I've began to step back.
  It's very necessary.  In these 7 day so much has transpired.  I see something about to explode and I refuse to be apart of it.  That's why I'm stepping back.  It's funny though, every since some of my associates have discovered that I'm moving to DC its been attitudes thrown and its been an issue.  No one will really come out and say it.  Its obvious in there actions, what they say, how they act, even in this situation today.  Its obvious. However, I've talked to them.
  I guess they don't think I'm actually going to do it. I AM.  I'm just gonna sit back and let God do His Thing.  Sometimes stepping is crucial, so you can see what's really going on.  It may be somethings undercover that may be happening and I may not understand. Its funny that in these 7 days, God has allowed a lot of things to transpire.  I guess I'm learning who my real friends are.
 Such is Life,


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