Alex Cross- Review

This Weekend Marked the opening of the highly Anticipated film "Alex Cross." Alex Cross is an film adaptation of the James Patterson Book series of the Psychiatrist/Detective Dr. Alex Cross.
  In the film we have Tyler Perry starring as Dr. Cross, Carmen Ejogo who starred in Sparkle, plays as Maria Cross, Cicely Tyson plays as Nana Mama.  The movie opens with Dr. Cross and Maria celebrating the pregnancy that is impending with a new baby. However, why they are celebrating and resting the Butcher played by Lost's Matthew Fox.  This character is a deviation from his Doctor Jack Shepard in Lost.  He is simply unrecognizable with a bald head. However , the body was on point.
 The Butcher is a psychopathic, sadistic killer, sent to target select people, however as Dr. Cross enters on the scene it becomes personal and the Butcher targets his family.  In this movie Tyler Perry shows off his new body.  I must say, not bad at all. He's coming up. Tyler Perry had to lose over 30 pounds for this role.  
  Alex Cross deviates from Tyler's role as Madea.  This Negro goes bad ass.  In this movie you will see a dark, thug, Black Man gone crazy side of Tyler Perry.  The action in this movie is pivotal and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It did for me.  
  The plot seems confusing at first because you don't see the motive for the killings till the latter part of the movie.  One part that remains great is Cicely Tyson's role as Nana Mama. It follows true to the James Patterson novel with some embellishments.  However, Nana Mama serves as a voice of reason when Cross decides that its time for war after The Butcher kills a loved one.
  The movie take some interesting twists and turn and the action keeps going.  Some say its predictable of Tyler Perry, but I don't see it.  I think doing Alex Cross will prove great for Tyler Perry.  
  I actually recommend this film.  Go see it. Support it!!!


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