@findingmetruth Finding Me the Series: The Minisodes "The End"

  Many of you all are familiar with the movie series of Finding Me and Finding Me: Truth.  This year the movie series spun off into a web series entitled "Finding Me the Series."  The series chronicles the lives of "Faybien," "Reggie," "Omar" and host of other characters months after the events of the movie.
  In the tenth installment of the series, we examine "Omar" (rapper Bry'Nt) the hard core thug and his issues and the scorned "Reggie"(singer Eric Joppy) who is Greg's ex.  They are dealing with the hurt and some deep secrets that have plagued them until now.  They decide to finally get help for their issues.
  There may be an ending for some things concerning Reggie and Omar, but for one relationship, there is a beginning that will hurt and rip some hearts apart. Get into "The End" from the "Finding Me: Series," below.


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