Hurricane, Sandy. Survival and Prayer

  It's Tuesday and I'm watching the news and seeing all of the destruction and all the chaos that Hurricane Sandy has brought forth.  My heart really goes out to those who have lost people, homes, jobs, and have really been affected by this natural disaster.  It has really brought me to tears.
  I was sitting here watching the news and different interviews. People were coming together and helping each other, even though they had lost everything that they had.  I'm thinking "WOW. That's a great sense of community."  It made me smile, that even through tragedy, people were still selfless and willing to help those who had experienced loss.  That's some good Christian values right there.
  Although I haven't been affected directly by Sandy, I feel the sting right along with those who are dealing with the affects of Hurricane Sandy.  My heart really goes out to them.
  That made me think not just about the physical storm, but what about the physical storms that we go through in life.  We often go through the winds, the waves, floods, fires, and earthquakes, but God is right there with us through out the storm.  He told us that he would never leave us nor forsake us.  My mind goes to the scripture in Mark 4, when Jesus and the disciples were sailing and there came a big storm. The storm seemed to threaten their very existence.  The discples were so scared that they awoke the sleeping Jesus and  beckoned Him for help. They had the nerve to ask Him "Do you care if we die in this storm."
  We've often been in this place where we've question God's love and care for us. We may have even questioned His existence.  In times like this we must be mindful that God is real and He does care.  He showed us His love and care by dying for us to save our souls. He shows it everyday.  He already told us that He is the good shepherd.
  Well, Jesus stood up and simply said "Peace, Be Still," and the wind ceased, the water calmed itself, and the storm ended.  Jesus turned around and asked those discples "Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith."  They marveled at His handy work and they asked "what kind of man is this that the winds, even the seas obey."
  Whenever we go through storms, that's not the time to be afraid, that's the time to really trust God and to really understand that He has given us the power over our situation.  The power we have is the Word of God and Our MOUTH!!! He simply said "Peace, Be Still."  God has given us the ability to say "Peace, Be Still." We've got to speak those things that are not, as though they are!!! We get what we speak. Remember that life and death lies in the power of our own tongue.  Everything we need to endure and survive this present storm.  We may lose somethings, some people may leave, but we must count it all joy.
  Whenever we go through a storm, we are force to throw some things out of our ship that will cause us to sink.  We must lay aside every sin and weight that besets us.  The things and people left us for a reason.  They were holding us back and it took that storm to happen for us to throw them overboard.
 That's one reason to praise God in the midst of your storm.  There will be peace. As long as God is with you, you shall survive like Paul and the crew did in Acts during the Euroclydon (Acts 27-28).
  Just stay in prayer and in God. You will make it!!!


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