My My My, these Presidential debates remind me of reading sessions with the kids on tonight.  I must say. The format for the Presidential debate on tonite was of course town hall meeting, where the audience posed questions to the candidates. 
 The first question directed to Mittens was CLEARLY AVOIDED. However, President Obama quickly reviewed his strategy of bringing more labor and using OUR own precious resources to bring people more jobs here. Not only that he even exposed Romney's plan to kill Pell grants and increase interest on Federal Loans.   He also tackled Romney's attack and claims that he made "Detroit Bankrupt."  Not so.  President Obama also noted that he gave them a way and the means to stay open.
  However, President Obama and Mittens tussled concerning facts with oil production and issues with permits and licenses with federal property and coal production.  President Obama shut him down immediately.  
 I must say the moderator. Ms. Candy played a hard ball with Miss Mitsy.  She would not allow Mittens to over talk or reveal his desperate need for attention in this election.  To me his desperation causes his rudeness.  Mitsy is basically rambling because its obvious that he lied.
  However, Mitsy "wants to lower taxes for the middle class" but he wants to say Obama's spending will cause the need to raise taxes...I THINK NOT!!!
  Romney has all these ideas, but no strategy on how do get these ideas done.  However, with President Obama he did what he said he would do. He cut taxes 18 times for not just the middle class families, but for small businesses as well as those striving to get into middle class.  Yes, there were spending cuts, but the wealthy must do a little bit more.  He just let us know that Mitt Romney is all about increasing the wealth for the wealthy, but President Obama is for the people.  I'm not gonna go into more detail about the debates, but it is clear that President Obama is best for this country.
  Mitt Romney is going to kill this country and drive it further into the ground.  Romney does not even mention us poor country folks...At least we are the 47 % that supports President Obama.   I'm just ready to say President Obama has another term...WHO'S WITH ME? GO VOTE!!!!


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