Running Through My Mind

  As I sit at this computer so much is running through my mind.  I am sitting at home literally bored. I've been wanting to hang out with some of my associates, but everyone is always busy or we can never seem to get it together.  I really don't have that many friends.  My and a few of my friends fell out over this past weekend due to me really not wanting to hear a lot of idle gossip. My eyes opened up to a lot. I am thankful that it happened.
  As of now, I am doing things regardless of people's opinion.  As I write this blog, I have sought advice on how to make this blog pop and boom.  I've been told to cover big media topics.  That's all fine and dandy, but that isn't me.  When I first got into blogging, I was just doing it because it seemed cool. It is now an outlet for me and a way for me to educate everyone on various things and life goals.  I realized that covering celebrities didn't work for me. Just being my own self works just fine and dandy.
  That's the problem with some people. They want things their way, but baby you got to live your life for you.  That's the area I'm in. For so long I've let people's opinions worry about me, but I'm finding myself and I'm destroying the controlling chains.  However, I may have integrity, but I refuse to fear man's opinions anymore. It's a new day for me. I am a little anxious and nervous because the move to the Northern States is new territory.  I guess I'm gonna have to make this adventure. I know that all shall be well.  Well I'm out. Be sure to check out the link below.


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