Ain't Nothing Wrong With Me

  A few months ago, someone told me that they admired how I walk with confidence. I distinctly remember him saying "You walk like you're saying 'here I am, I am confident... I'm the sh...'" I must say, "I am the Ish!!!!."  It amazed me to see that someone else noticed my confidence despite the struggles I've had with my self-esteem over the years.
  I realize that I am wonderfully and fearfully made.  What gets me is that it seems for the last month, I've had certain groups of people tell me that I need to change my mannerisms and stuff and the fact that I'm fun, yet proper and prim, Black Male because they felt uncomfortable and felt that people will perceive me and them a certain way.  I find it funny, because I began to really see their insecurity in themselves.  I've learned that whenever people always hound you about yourself, then they are insecure with themselves.
   Due to the fact, that it is a job situation, I did have to be mindful and "play nice." However, I know I will soon be moving on from this particular group.  I smiled, but apparently, I haven't changed a bit. I'm still the same eccentric me.  If you have a problem with it. Oh Well.
  It is funny though. Over the last month or so, the enemy has really been trying to put me back in that place of low-self esteem. I refuse to go back there. It's taken me too long to get comfortable in my own skin only to have someone tell me that I don't matter because THEY don't like something. If you don't like me, then you have to take that up with God.
  I have one thing to say: AIN'T NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!


  1. You are an Awesome Person just like You are !!! Hugs & Luvs... :-)


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