Doesn't Gay Mean Happy?

I know this is going to be random, but I have a question. Doesn't the word "Gay" mean happy? A friend and I were talking about that word and how it is relevant in today's time.  The word "gay" is defined as keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits, or bright and lively.  In today's society it is used to describe something that is lame, dumb, or stupid.  It is also used to describe those who are homosexual.
  During my friend's and I conversation we started talking about how word that we use mean one thing, but we use it in another way.  Like when we say "that girl is killing that song" it means that the young lady is singing that song very well.  Same way with the word "gay." Throughout the years the meaning has changed.  My friend told me that if someone ever asked if he was gay he would say "yes, I'm happy." I busted out laughing.  That made sense to me because my friend is happy, lively, and bright.  That's what the word means.  It doesn't determine someone's sexuality or someone's coolness.
   I just wanted to share that. Gay means happy. So go live your life giddy and Gay as the Late Natalie would said in "West Side Story."


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