Friends With Benefits

  Many of you have heard of the Term "Friends with Benefits." The term means friends who engage in a sexual or flirty to casual dating who really can't be in a relationship for whatever. Some may call this a cut-buddy or a F#@& Buddy. In a Friends with Benefits relationship, there is more than likely sexy with no commitment.
  Well is it worth it to be friends with benefits?  I've been asking myself this question on today after being approached about it with a potential suitor.  The simple rule was monogamy however. No freaky deaky with anyone else.  In my mind I'm thinking "isn't that the same thing as being in a relationship."   I just see red flags with this all over the place.  The Potential Suitor also wants to keep in touch outside of wanting the physical part.  As far as I'm concerned, I can't go through with it. Why? Because it is a relationship without commitment basically.
  This is how I look at it. If you're getting my goodies and I'm giving you the business then we're gonna be in a relationship unless it is a hook up. If you want me to be your one and only and you want to go out and hang out, then it is a relationship.  To me the potential suitor sounds as if he is scared of commitment.  I may be wrong.
  I've never understood how people can be involved in such a way but they don't have any kind of emotional attachment.  Is that saying something about people in general? Are they selfish? Are they desensitized to others feelings or is it just the power of sex and a good release? I just don't understand.
  What's wrong with commitment? What's wrong with wanting more than just to be friends with sexual benefits?  If we are gonna be cuddling and going out, then its a relationship. Especially if you are calling for monogamy.
  Honey I'm more than a friend with benefits.  Like Patti Labelle says "I'm So Much More Than Material." 


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