Have you ever met someone or been in a place to where you wanted or needed something and you asked someone else to get it because you were tired or either you felt like you needed help to get what you needed?    Whenever you asked someone did they tell you to "get it for yourself, fool?"
  Well I'm applying this to dreams and goals.  Whatever it is that you need or want out of your life, you have to go get it for yourself.  You can't wait on anyone else to hand it to you or to give you the things that you so desire.  You must get it for yourself. NO ONE CAN GET YOUR DREAM ACCEPT FOR YOU!!!
  Whenever we see an ambition sometimes we often times look for those who could more than likely help us, but we then realize that what we need and require is really inside of us.  That gifting that is within us, must be exercised and exercised properly.  God has given us everything that we need and it lies within us.
  You remember in Habakkuk 2:2-3  And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.  For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

  In other words, write your vision begin to work on your vision now.  It may take a while for things to come into manifestation, but you must know that you are working toward your destiny. As you walk towards your destiny, God will grant you favor and put you around the people that will catch on to your vision.  He will also show you those who do not value your vision.  I'm warning you, there will be many attempts for you to give up and many set ups and snares from the devil himself, but baby can't nobody get it for you. You must get it for yourself.
  My mind goes back to Jesus when he was heading to Calvary for our sins.  No one else could do it. Yes We could've given up, but He didn't.  Jesus knew that in order for us to be saved, He had to carry out the vision designed just for him.  We must take this example and make sure that we don't give up.  We are designed and created for a purpose  We must reach our goals no matter who goes or who comes. Regardless of who says I got this, baby YOU GOT THIS.  YOU MUST GET IT FOR YOURSELF!!!


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