Is Sexuality Important?

   Is Sexuality important?  Is who the person that you are sitting next sleeping with of great significance to you?  How does one's sexuality affect your life?
  These are some pretty simple questions right?  For some it is hard to answer these questions. Why is it that society place so much emphasis on sexual orientation?  So many people come out with gay rumors, or this person is bedding this person , or this person is a total whore.  Why does it matter?  I don't see how who another person is sleeping with or not sleeping with is relevant to my life, unless is my wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend (smile I'm speaking to everyone).  It really isn't relevant.
  It annoys me when people ask what one's preference is and decides to preach or accept them.  I remember some time ago being asked of what my preference is by a religious person and I burst into laughter. My first question was "why do you want to know" and my second question was "how is that important to your life."  Yes I asked those questions.
  That person responded with "I just want to know who I'm working with."  Wow. I didn't know you could tell who a person is by their sexuality.  A person's sexuality is a small, minute part of who they are.  Why judge a book by something small?
  The importance was really to evaluate, my worth and their level of comfort-ability working with me.  Hmmmm.  I guess when someone feels threatened that means that they are insecure.  I never really got an answer to that question.  I was puzzled however.
  What brought these questions on was my lack to be Super duper masculine.  I feel that issue is really something minor and something that is introduced by bigotry, ignorance, and tradition.  Well I guess that's it for me on that issue.
  I guess I've said that sexuality is not important. It really isn't.


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