Is There Any Way ?

  For the last couple days I've been wondering, "God is there any way that I can make it."  I just been there.  With warning a friend that a step that he is about to take is dangerous, it seems as if he made the step regardless of warnings not only from me but from several other friends.  I am hurt because I see the road in which this friend is about to take. What do you do when you try your best to keep someone from making a mistake?  I guess let them learn the hard way.
  It's difficult sometimes when you want so much for a person to stay on the right path and they won't listen. I guess because I've been there and have done that.  I just don't want this person's reputation to be stained by a messy queen, nor do I want my friend's feelings to get hurt while he's reaching his dreams.  I guess I just need to let go and let God and stop talking.  I do pray that he will see what's what before its too late.  Lord, Is There Any Way that this person will listen to me.
  I guess everyone must learn on their own, but its hurtful to see someone hit a brick wall. God help me. I'm trusting you on this.  Lord Don't leave them and Don't leave me.  I know you won't. Lord I thank you that all will work out for the good of those who Love You.


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