It's Funny (Repost)

  You know it's funny at how people will see you on a venture in a business, ministry, relationship, or something major in your life, but they do not support you.  The main people who have a problem supporting you could possibly be family.  It can be hurtful and devastating.  However, its will only be that hurtful only if you let it.
  That's a lesson that I'm having to learn right now in my life.  At the age of 20 something, (a lady never tells her age lol) I am having to go through hell for some decisions that I've made.  Not only do I not have the support of my family, but people that I've grown up around and those who have watched me grow up, well even some of them don't even support me or celebrate me in a venture with ministry that I am doing.   Its true what Jesus said "A prophet is not without honor except in his own home." I am finding that to be true.
  I guess its true because the people and my family know or think they know the ups and downs of me and they grew up around me.  Since I'm a singer and musician, that's all people see me as.  I guess because of the elevation, I've received, it is hard for some to accept because they only see me as one thing.  However, I can't and refused to be boxed in to one area that people are comfortable with me being in.  I've never in my life understood when you go to do great things the main people who should support you don't support you.
 What's so bad about it, is that it is so called Christian people and church folks.  Such is life as I say. However, it is frustrating, but I won't let it get me down.  I support myself and I know that God is on my side.  However, one thing that I'm enduring is from on relative in particular is negative comments such as "The whole world done lost it's mind" and stuff of that nature.  It's pissed me off a few times, but to hell with the drama. That's where its coming from...HELL!!!
  I am determined to go forth. Its funny though.  Although they don't support my dream, these people have the audacity to want to reap off the dream that they don't support. What kind of Tom Foolery is that?  You don't support me, but you want the benefits.  They are gonna wait till I start getting favor to want to support me.  However, I'm gonna be nice and simply say "NO!!!!" I'm not being funny, but if you didn't support me then, why support me now?  I thank God for what is happening, because it is simply building character in my life and working out for my good.  I am going to count it all joy because that means less drama and less demons I have to fight.
  Well I guess that's all.