Let Love In

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  Well, life has away of teaching you things.  This is the first time I'm actually talking about this, but here goes nothing.  Right now I am in the "getting to know you" stage with someone. This comes about 7 months to the day of the break up of my last relationship.  That relationship did not end well at all, but I'm over it.
  Well for the sake of privacy I'll change names. We'll call him John. John and I met last year around this time and we began to talk.  This was when I was #teamBlackBerry and was on BlackBerry Messenger. He and I would text and chat on the phone, but we lost touch. We would contact each other rarely.
  However, in the last couple months he and I have been really talking and I can see that there is an interest and a bond there.  We have some of the same interests in music, life, television, foods.  However John and I still have some differences in things concerning our background, upbringing, and view points on somethings. To me thats what makes us mesh together.
  I'm not gonna lie, I am kind of anxious and given my history in dating and some of my crazy experiences with men dating, I don't want to set myself up for failure. In the passing months since I've been single, I've gone on dates and have some that I thought were interested, but due to me not being this type of gay or that type of gay, they deemed that I wasn't worthy, when in fact they were the ones not worthy of me. However, with this one I am optimistic, but I am patient and taking my time.
  I was talking to my friend Senor Paco about this situation and he said something crucial. He simply said "Don't be afraid to let love in.  Despite all the hurt don't be afraid to open yourself to something true and genuine. Take your time like you're doing, but let your heart expand." That made me think and made me want to look for something real instead of looking for the worst.  I guess because the last few times I've been interested or tried to date, I've always gotten my face busted or I always have been out with friends and have seen that I wasn't the only one or either I was the side boo.
  Not this time.  I'm gonna let love in. Even if it doesn't work out like I want it to, I know I tried, I explored, and I've learned.  I am seriously interested in this John and I can see an interest or else we wouldn't be chatting and texting.  We are planning our first date.  The major issue is distance.  He lives a couple hours away, but I don't think that's going to be too big of a challenge.  I know all shall be well. Just have to try and see. I'm gonna let love in.


  1. You deserve the best, Lil Buddy! Apply your newly acquired knowledge and move forward. Best wishes and be happy! :)


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