Monday Thoughts

  Today has been quite a day.  I am thankful for the blessings that I have received and I am thankful for all that has taken place in my life.  Right now, I'm just kind of blah from the weekend.
  As I prepare for the thanksgiving holiday, I am cleaning up and just mentally preparing for my dysfunctional family.  I am not looking for drama, but just to be able to be around my family for this holiday.  This year has presented a lot of adversity.
  It is gonna be kind of bittersweet however.  The niece that planned this festivity at my house has been in the hospital for a surgery on her brain.  She is doing well, but I hate that she won't be amongst us. However, I will be making a special trip up to see her. That is my buddy.
  I Trust that all will be well.  Well I'm off to rest some and clean some more,


  1. Wishes for the recovery of your niece. Happy Thanksgiving, Lil Buddy!


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