Whitney Houston - I Got You

  I really miss Whitney Houston.  Her passing has left such a scar on the music industry.  Just like any great artist, she left her mark on the world and touched so many lives by giving, loving, and sharing her gift.  Recently I have been playing her album "I Look to You."  One of my favorite tracks is the hit "I Got You." It goes to say "No matter where you are, you got me /Baby, near or far, you got me /Our love will never fade, you got me." 
  It lets us know that no matter where our special one is, whether here on earth, that love, that bond will never go anywhere. Love is a powerful thing.
  As I sit here and I write this, I realize that those we cherish may be physically gone, but they are right in our hearts.  They are still with us in spirit and in the experiences in life that we have shared with them.  That is a great blessing.
  Just remember "I Got You" and "You Got Me."


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