You're Just Pushing Me (Repost)

  One thing that I've never understood in life is the reason why some people feel that if they don't help you or if they kick you while your down that you won't get back up.  That's one thing that is the hardest for me to fathom.  I've learned that sometimes you when getting back up, you'll have to do it with God and yourself.
  The reason why I say "God and Yourself" is because now days, people will let you the crap down!!! Right now I'm facing a little slump.  My car broke down on Mommy Day and people that I thought cared really gave me their butt to kiss. I ain't gonna lie, it hurt, but I refuse to let that bother me.
  I'm just going to simply allow it to push me to do what I have to do to show those who dissed me after I've sacrificed for them, that I can make it without you and that you're just pushing me to my destiny.  Whenever people walk away at your time of need, that only shows that they are leaches and leaches we cannot have.  I'm thankful that certain people have opted not to help me. That way I won't have to owe their sorry behinds anything.  I'm tired of doing for people and then when I need help, they are no where to be found.  It's a new season and a new day for me. I'm about to work and do what I have to do.  If you would like to contribute to my car fund click on the link below. Thanks,