Falling In Love

  Falling in love can be scary.  Many of you know of an earlier post about me talking to someone, that I referred to as John. I took my besties advice and decided to Let Love In.  Well a couple weeks after that entry, we became distant. I tried to do my best, but I just moved on.  I've had many to come and make me feel or think they are the one, but I'm just patiently waiting.
  Falling in love can be scary at times.  Falling in love takes time and it takes effort.  Falling in love doesn't happen over night.  Call me mean and call me ugly, but I've never believed in love at first sight. How can you say you love someone and you just met them?
  That's something I've never understood that. I think as you get to know someone you will fall in love with them.  So many times we as human beings want to rush the love process, but intimate relationships take time to be built and take time to grow.  Falling in love is good, but if its in the wrong way it could be damaging.
  When you fall in love with someone because of sex, money, and power then it is dangerous. That's all it is; a Friends With Benefits Situation.  That's not beneficial to the one person who's getting showered and getting what they want.
  So many times people will use love as a way to con people out of things and to manipulate others, but falling in love can be fun and great.
  Falling in love with a person just for them being a great person is wonderful. Falling in love with a person flaws and all is perfect.  Love knows no bounds and it looks past issues as well as seeks to be the best and seeks the best for both parties.  That's falling in love.


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