Words to my Straight Men!!!!

Hey Guys,
  I pray that your Christmas and Holidays were a great.  I'm just chiming in with some much needed words.  This holiday I've heard a lot of gay stereotypes from my less gay educated straight men out there.  I even heard an incident where a friend of the family attempted to kiss a straight guy that he liked in the mouth. Of course the family member telling a joke of what he would do to the sweetie pants.  Here are some words of wisdom to my straight guys and these homophobic jack asses who thinks every gay men is flamboyant and wants them.

  1. Not every gay man is feminine. This is a common misconception that in order for you to tell a man is gay is watch if he has feminine tendencies.  Well We do have masculine gay men. How about John Amaechi, Frank Ocean... They aren't lady like. Femininity is not an automatic determination. Not all gay men carry purses.  Look at some of the independent films. You will find the whole homo thug phenomena.
  2. Not every gay man is a bottom or likes to take the meat!!!  There are some men who like to give the meat and some who like both. When it comes to sex we are much like heterosexual people, but we don't liken ourselves to women.  
  3. Not all gay men like muscles.  You got some LGBT male members who love feminine guys, short guys, tall guys, thick men, skinny men, medium men.  It doesn't limit to one type. Just like you heteros we have our diversity in taste.
  4. Straight Women we don't want your man!!! One thing that pisses me off is when a woman thinks that just because a gay man is present she has to cling to her man.  That shows that you are threatened by us gay men and that you really don't trust your man.  If your man is secure in who he is and faithful to you and you only , then you shouldn't have to worry about him stepping out on you nor should you worry about another man being a threat. Matter of fact heifer stop rolling your eyes when you see a gay man sashay in a place or you see the kids together. Child you sound like a bitter witch!!!!!
  5. I don't like the word "Faggot." The word means a bundle of sticks that are used for fire. I didn't know it was a human being.  Look up your definitions before you start calling people words.  Don't down me because you're insecure with yourself
  These are just 5 points that I wanted to make. Please read and listen and saddown somewhere!!!!