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Starting Over: Musique's Poetry Shall Live

Many of you have noticed that some posts are missing from this blog.  The reason being is that since my 26th birthday was on March 15th, I felt like I needed a fresh start.  I've learned that there is nothing wrong with starting over.
  26 marks a new era for me, as does every birthday. I'm another year wiser, stronger, sexier, and better.  I'm learning the real nature of people and I'm beginning to see who and what I need to separate from.  I've learned that some people are out for all they can get out of you.  In this next season of my life, I'm expecting great things for this blog as well as The Bradley Show.  I'm not anxious, but yet preparing myself for the future.  However, I know that transitions are soon to follow me and I'm about to experience some major changes.  Well I guess that's it for now. Love ya,