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Thinking on a Wednesday

I pray that this blog finds you in the best of health.  All is well with me. Just been one heck of a week. I've been working all week and making sure I have things in order for a new project that I have going on. You all will find out what's going on with it soon.  Well Happy Hump Day!!!

@Medino_Green "Run It"

Medino Green is the second oldest of four; two step-sisters and one brother. They weren’t rich, but they weren't poor either. Sharing a two-bedroom apartment with six people wasn’t easy. He remembers lunch being a large pot of Ramen Noodles and bologna sandwich for everybody or they’d go out to eat and have to share fries and a soda.  The saying “Sip, sip pass" really had a meaning for him!

As a youth, Medino always had a thing for music.  At the age of 13 Medino started getting into rap music, rearranging lyrics and making things up. In junior high school he made it known that he was into rapping and started reciting his rhymes to his friends. As a freshman in high school, Medino really started to "go hard" with his rapping. Rapping got him lots of attention from the bigger boys and the bad ass dudes who respected his spit-game. They took to him and he was on the in-crowd. Medino began cutting classes and hanging out and after school engaging in rap…

Justice for Trayvon Martin