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For the last few weeks, I've been so busy and so focused on everybody else and their problems that I really have had no time for myself here lately.  To be honest it has been very irritating.  Not to mention, that with my living situation, I'm a place to where I really can't have a quiet moment to myself.
  I just feel like I can't get any peace. All I'm working with is a wing and a prayer.  Why is it that way?  I feel like Karen Clark Sheard when she said "I Just Can't Take No More!!!"  OMG!!!!  I'm annoyed passed capacity.
  Today I was resting from a Mary Kay event and I came home to take a nap. In walked dear old relative and he starts nagging me over me coming in late and me resting.  He didn't even know that I had been working on my Mary Kay sales.  He's just going off what he thinks.  It's enough that I'm always the subject of rudeness and other things.
  Nevertheless, I'm going to remain positive. I know that things…


@OfficialSampson Black Stereotypes

Who is Sampson McCormick? He is one of the greatest comics ever. Sampson is also an activist, humanitarian, and a personality that you will fall in love with.  One thing that will cause you to split your side with laughter is his take on Black Stereotypes. Get into the video below. You can follow him on twitter: @OfficialSampson.

What is Musique's Poetry?

This blog has gotten hundreds even thousands of views. However, whenever I mention "Musique's Poetry"people often ask "who is your blog catering too." I often reply to anybody who is living and needs a breath of fresh air.
  That's what Musique's Poetry is.  It is a breath of fresh air.  I realize that I haven't blogged seriously in like forever, but this is my baby and I refuse to allow people to tell me what I can and cannot write about. I understand that I do have to be mindful due to professional affiliations, but come on people, whatever happened to "Live and Let Live!"  
 I remember when I started blogging on a regular basis. It was back in 2009.  I was a senior in college and I started with Black Male Perspective. Later on, I changed it to Confessions of a Preppy. However, after getting "thehang" of blogging I finally decided on this current title of Musique's Poetry.
  Since it's existence, MP has been used to …